Business and Personal Advisors

We see our role to include advice based on life experience as well as technical knowledge. Much or our work has included solutions to planning and problems from family to finance. We encourage our clients to discuss goals and objectives in preparing original documents

Succession Planning for Companies and Families

An often overlooked area in planning discussions has risks not readily apparent in successful businesses and families. We welcome the opportunity to provide a forum for discussion.

Service as Professional Fiduciaries and Support of Others, Including Family Members, in Trust and Estate Roles

Some of our most rewarding work is in the area of trust and estate administration. We provide comprehensive fiduciary accounting and often are the check-writers in bill payment and beneficiary distributions.

Assistance in and Supervision of Investment Management

We work with national and local investment management and corporate trust companies. We organize the review of firms for clients including office interviews and follow-up in client selections.

Tax Planning and Compliance for Individuals, Professional Firms, Estates, Trusts and International Clients

The core work of any tax accounting firm, our emphasis is using the preparation and review of tax forms to initiate more comprehensive planning and sharing of ideas. Year-end work with firms and the compilation of source documents with other clients may seem routine but offer insights and opportunities for good ideas.